Training Programme

Courtesy of NHS England

The training programme we offer enables professionals to process their workplace experiences and focus on becoming more effective with the work they are undertaking. As one professional put it ‘she was knocking on the door with a sponge hoping no-one would answer as she had nothing left to give.’

We work with individuals and organisations to design a training package which is the most sustainable for you. This could include:

Option 1:

Training day for potential supervisors

Individual and group sessions bespoke to organisational need

Baseline and post intervention  measurement as agreed with commissioning team.

Cascade training for supervisors.

Option 2:

Identified leads within organisations to be trained to cascade as facilitators of the programme.

We mentor and support implementation over 12 months.

We train the facilitator in baseline and intervention measurement to allow cascade to be analysed for quality.


Our training packages are designed to ensure that you make a one-off investment in the programme to ensure organisational sustainability. You use your teams to develop the programme within the organisation and have the tools to evaluate progress so you are not consistently having to buy in expensive external support.

By the end of the programme  professionals are able to consider their priorities and work on containing their anxiety about their work ensuring they become more effective. Please contact us for a training proposal.

Please contact us for a training proposal.
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