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Restoring Professional’s capacity to think


What is the model of Restorative Clinical Supervision? (Wallbank, 2007)


An evidence based model that has been designed to support the needs of professionals working with clinically complex caseloads and/or in roles which demand they be clear thinking and able to process information quickly and accurately in order to make decisions.

The model developed above with staff undertaking this work shows that when professionals undertake complex clinical work they move between anxiety, fear or stress about their work. If they can process these natural feelings about the work they are able to focus on their own learning needs and development and
then they enter a creative, energetic and solution focused zone. The model of Restorative Supervision (Wallbank, 2007) allows staff to spend more time in the top of their triangle that in the anxious zone.

The model of change that occur through the restorative sessions

(Wallbank, 2012)

In order to maintain effective and clear thinking professionals and to ensure maximum well being from your workforce, an opportunity to process and consider decision making is essential. The programme enables professionals to return to a clear thinking state of mind by ensuring they spend time working through blockers to their current capacity to think.